Registration Information

Kindergarten and Grades 1-8 Registration for September 2021

Registration for Kindergarten students who will be starting September 2021 will begin late January, 2021. Children born in 2017 will begin Junior Kindergarten and children born in 2016 will begin Senior Kindergarten. Only students new to school or new to Brookdale need to register. Junior Kindergarten students already attending do not need to re-register for Senior Kindergarten.

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Please bring the following original documents when registering:

* Proof of address: any 2 of the following... current lease or deed, current utility bill, current bank statement, original credit card statement, recent correspondence from a government agency or Municipal, Federal or Provincial Government

* Proof of age: birth certificate, passport or baptismal/faith document for your child

* Proof of citizenship: birth certificate or passport or Record of Landing (IMM 1000) or Permanent Resident Card

*** If your child is going into grade 1-8 and entering the Ontario school system for the first time and whose first language is not English, if they are entering with a visa or work/study permit, if they are a PR or the PR Status application is in progress, if they are from a French language school or if they are re-entering Ontario after an absence of a year or more (whose first language is not English) you will need to contact the Newcomers Welcome Centre at 905-335-3663 Ext. #3440. ***