FAQ's on Primary Class Size print

1. Primary Class Size is a mandated by the Ministry of Education for all Ontario school boards.

2. All Boards must ensure that:
90% of Primary (JK to Grade 3) classes are at a ratio of 20:1
The remaining 10% have a maximum class size of 23:1
The regional average class size for Grades 4-8 are not to increase from 2003-04 levels and the Board is to work toward maintaining a regional average 25:1
Kindergarten classes are staffed at a board wide average of 26:2 (teacher and ECE)

3. As a result of the PCS initiative, school organizations and class building may be affected. This may include:
A change in who is assigned as your child’s teacher
Reassigning rooms currently designated for specific programs such as art, core French, music, etc
Additional portables may be required to supplement space at the school
Combined grades (split classes) to achieve class size targets
A limited number of schools open to optional attendance