Commonly asked questions concerning the Full Day, Every
Day Early Learning Program

What will the full day, every day early learning program look like?
The Ministry of Education has announced the provision of full day, every day learning
for four and five year olds beginning in September of 2010. This program will be
implemented over five years. All schools will have Full Day, Every Day Kindergarten
programs by the 2014-15 school year (Year 5).
Teachers and Early Childhood Educators will work together to help children learn during
the regular school day. If there is sufficient parent interest, before and after school will be
provided by third party child care providers. There is a fee for these programs and subsidies will be available for some families, based on financial need.
For further information please check the Ministry of Education website at

Is full-day early learning mandatory for four- and five-year-olds?
The Full Day, Every Day Kindergarten program, like half-time Kindergarten, will
continue to be optional for four and five year olds. In Ontario, children are required to
attend school once they turn six years old. Although Kindergarten is voluntary, 90 per
cent of eligible children are enrolled.

My child still naps in the afternoon –will there by a ‘ap time’for the children
attending the full-day program?
‘Nap time’will not be part of the Full Day, Every Day Program. However, there will be
periods of time when children are less active during the school day.