Welcome to Brookdale Public School

Brookdale school is set in south-west Oakville and has been educating the students of this community for over 55 years. Our vision is to work collaboratively with parents and community members to create a positive learning environment for our students. We encourage parents to keep in close contact with staff and if possible, to volunteer to work in the school. Research shows that students are more successful if their parents have a positive relationship with the school reinforcing the role with the school community.

We believe in the “Tribes” philosophy in which students and staff work together to create a positive learning community. We use the “Tribes” agreements: mutual respect, right to pass, appreciation/no put downs and attentive listening which allows students to understand their roles as learner within the school community. We have monthly assemblies to support student understanding and develop social awareness with respect to the agreements.

Our school Mascot is the Brookdale “Bronco” which is a spirited and strong symbol that represents the hard work and energy of Brookdale students and staff. We want students to strive to be the best they can be and we encourage them to reach their full potential.

We work closely with our Parent Council and Home and School Association to educate our community about our school and to work cooperatively towards school improvement. We encourage our parents to become active members of our parent organizations.

We ask you to read through the agenda with your student as it is an important part of school life at Brookdale. It contains important information regarding our values, beliefs and practices.

Welcome to Brookdale and another exciting school year, we hope that we can all work together to create a safe, rich and stimulating environment for all.